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Jean’s Photo Challenge all at once…

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Hopefully @macgenie’s Patience will be rewarded 🙃

Movement — Technological progress is coming to the locality; Rapid charging in the supermarket car park

A Polar network rapid charger at the local Co–operative Food shop

Relaxation — circumperambulation of the local country roads

A photograph across the fields towards the East caost


Determination — I will get over 1 million points again…

Score of over 800 thousand points on Flash Gordon pinball

Support — supports on a 3D print of a spool holder ( a support 😁 )

A view of the printbed of a 3D printer, showing a finished print of a spool holder

Relief — when the 3D printer’s error message was only the hotend touching the metal fan shroud.

Ultimaker2 heater error displayed on its OLED display


Persistence — working one’s way through all the filaments of the spectrum, and re–printing when there is under–extrusion 😕

A Newtonian refractive selection of cable chain links in a rainbow of colours


Gratitude — I imagine everyone is thankful this epic splash of subject matter is over 😉


To be continued…?

Micropub from Postrchild

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Nothing obvious showing wrt image uploads…

No longer a tiger in the tank, but a Lion under the floor

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Aka two years with Lithium ions. (A year with Lithium)

16 October 2016–’18

The garage wall–mounted home battery (attached to 21 solar panels and their associated hardware) continues to allow me to run nearly grid–free on brighter days.

Year to date

My personal transportation has its own Li–ion battery although circumstances are such that it doesn’t get many outings at the moment …


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📚 Finished reading _The Exploit of the Embalmed Whale_ 🐋 by Jacob Hay, from Wildside Press’ Black Cat Mystery Community


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Decisions, decisions: read [@cheri](’s _Involuntary Turnover_ or watch more _Disenchanted_?


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[@jd]( trying to reply from outside gets somewhat complex [original reply](

Another style of Known post.


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Having watched an enjoyable performance 🎭 of _As You Like It_ by The Pantaloons ([@likeitLoons]( I have been to [Project Gutenberg]( to get 📚 _The Complete Works_ for my Kindle so I can read the play and attempt to make more sense of it…