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As a warm–up for : No oil usage contrarily (10) @PantheraPuzzles

Found a way to view VRML I produced over twenty years ago… the wonder of WebGL

I do not need a second–hand resin printer. 🤔

December’s dampness doesn’t seem as dull so far…

Post one to pad out November the 30th again 🙃

The dull dampness of November really does reinforce the dreariness of the season…

Haven’t started to read The Man in the Iron Mask^, simply because there is so much more about The (Three) Musketeers from Alexandre Dumas to read first.

^ it’s The Count of Monte Cristo I started…

No dilemma, needed items ordered.

The ‘best’ idea I’ve had for the prompt ☎️ “call”:


I was unable to capture any good ideas now we’re on the border of winter…

My ability to write anything interesting with the mot du jour is starting to fade.