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December’s dampness doesn’t seem as dull so far…

Post one to pad out November the 30th again 🙃

The dull dampness of November really does reinforce the dreariness of the season…

Haven’t started to read The Man in the Iron Mask^, simply because there is so much more about The (Three) Musketeers from Alexandre Dumas to read first.

^ it’s The Count of Monte Cristo I started…

No dilemma, needed items ordered.

The ‘best’ idea I’ve had for the prompt ☎️ “call”:


I was unable to capture any good ideas now we’re on the border of winter…

My ability to write anything interesting with the mot du jour is starting to fade.

It is possible I’m posting too much with a slant to 3D printing? Anyone who likes that sort of thing will find more over where I’m

A blog could be used as an extension of one’s memory, provided one remembered to add things to it… 🤔

For those wondering what Friday’s Fused Deposition Modelled item is, there’s a clue at