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🤡 🤔 🐍

I was just reading about the Gulf stream in 20,000 Leagues under the Seas, and now this:

Would anyone (else) be interested in the (mostly) hourly 🌤🔋 updates of brought to the IndieWeb?

Further: 🖖🏽🍄

It’s good that the [🖖🏽]( link is currently absent, saves straying on spoilers before it gets watched.

Good to see 🖖🏽 Discovery discretion under Discover, since it’s first “on” when Europe is (usually) asleep.

Shorter 📚 reading session last night, Kindle battery wanted attention.

Finished “The Deleted Prologue”.
Started Chapter 12 of “Frankenstein”.

Quibble of the day: lightening is NOT lightning ☇ (A lightning talk may well be enlightening, but that’s no excuse.) ⚡

Sorry everyone, I’ve broken again.