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Quibble of the day: lightening is NOT lightning ☇ (A lightning talk may well be enlightening, but that’s no excuse.) ⚡

Sorry everyone, I’ve broken again.

Last night’s 📚
Monkey on his Back by Charles V. De Vet from The Third Science Fiction Megapack,
Started Chapter XVIII of Captain Blood 📖

Penguin Awareness Day 🐧 — have you seen any aquatic antarctic avians?

📚 Ch 117 🐋 (Melville, H.), Ch VI The Sensitive Man (Anderson, P.), The Man Who Loved the Faioli (Zelazny, R.)

Finished Chapter 12 of News from The Squares by Robert Llewellyn

Chapter 21 of A Murder To Die For by Stevyn Colgan

Today thinks it’s

🖖🏽 Apparently some personal confusion between designation and classification; ISS/USS vs NCC

🖖🏽 Did anyone else watch the latest ST:Discovery and wonder why the Shenzhou was NCC and not ISS in the mirror universe?

In Stamet’s “dream” NCC Discovery might be possible.

appropriately 🎶 Blue Monday — Fats Domino