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23/01/2018, 22:00

1 min read

Last night’s 📚 reading;

Ch 9 of 20,000 leagues under the seas by Verne, J.

Automate the boring stuff with Python 🐍

resumed Scaramouche by Sabatini, R.

22/01/2018, 22:00

1 min read

Last night’s 📚 reading;

Ch VII, VIII of The Sensitive Man by Anderson, P.

Ch XVIII of News from Nowhere by Morris, W.

Ch 24 of A Murder to Die For,

Ch 13 of News from The Squares by Llewellyn, R.

Isaac Asimov & Robert Heinlein articles from Redemolished by Bester, A.

Quibble of the day: lightening is NOT lightning ☇ (A lightning talk may well be enlightening, but that’s no excuse.) ⚡

Sorry everyone, I’ve broken again.


1 min read

Last night’s 📚 reading;

Finished Ch XVIII of Captain Blood,

Ch 11 of Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley,

Ch VII of The Sensitive Man

21/01/2018, 22:05

1 min read

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