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1 min read

📚 Finished reading The Exploit of the Embalmed Whale 🐋 by Jacob Hay, from Wildside Press’ Black Cat Mystery Community


1 min read

Decisions, decisions: read @cheri’s Involuntary Turnover or watch more Disenchanted?


1 min read

@jd trying to reply from outside gets somewhat complex original reply

Another style of Known post.


1 min read

Having watched an enjoyable performance 🎭 of As You Like It by The Pantaloons (@likeitLoons) I have been to Project Gutenberg to get 📚 The Complete Works for my Kindle so I can read the play and attempt to make more sense of it…

07/08/2018, 10:05

1 min read

📚 Finished reading Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s Frankenstein


1 min read

All but finished reading the 🐋 📘.

Just the post–epilogue section to read through the quotes there–in…

09/07/2018, 07:35

1 min read

📚 Finished reading Old Man’s War I got in a Humble Bundle in 2012, the resender is useful if you don’t claim your downloads page(s)… especially when you find your reading interrupted by a truncated MOBI