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@burk outside of enclosure from Thursday (before wiping surfaces)

@BionicIguana @bobbyllew @myenergiltd my understanding after 7 years of the solar FiT is that it only varied if your system was fitted more recently? i.e. Amount per kWh has been dropping periodically since spring 2012 e.g. current Export FiT is quite close to/more than Generation FiT

No longer a tiger in the tank, but a Lion under the floor

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Aka two years with Lithium ions. (A year with Lithium)

16 October 2016–’18

The garage wall–mounted home battery (attached to 21 solar panels and their associated hardware) continues to allow me to run nearly grid–free on brighter days.

Year to date

My personal transportation has its own Li–ion battery although circumstances are such that it doesn’t get many outings at the moment …