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I’m sure there’s a knack to using knock in a post for Microblog*ember

@onion2k does Komodo have 3D printing capabilities?

25 minutes until 🧠 brain–stretching time

My Microblog*ember posts have originated from several feeds—so may, or may not trigger the pin 📌 with ease 🤪

We’re getting to the point in Autumn/winter where the weather can turn horrible; Microblogcember another portmanteau neologism 🙃


1 min read

Some of the random words for Microblogvember have been hard to integrate into a post mbnov

One’s domain name isn’t strictly one’s property, you merely rent it at the internet’s discretion 🤔

Microblogvember mbnov

If I was a rich man, I wouldn’t think twice about buying a resin 3D printer 🤔 Microblogvember mbnov

@goodreads The Agatean Empire in the midst of a quiet revolution; on what the rest of Discworld calls the counterweight continent.