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Now that I almost have smart meters with @OctopusEnergy, I wonder whether I could get more control over my October 2016–fitted* @SolarEdgePV StorEdge/#Tesla Powerwall 1 charging/discharging scheme

[* by CTS Renewables ] @egensys

Not sure I don’t have about @FullyChargedShw Outside

A decade of photovoltaic ownership has produced at least 38.5 MWh, likely more, but for inverter misbehaviour (when it failed to generate despite sun falling on panels), and a glitching generation meter (which failed to record power … ) 🎉❓

Bold Oscar knows whiskey sour gone; somewhat major? (8)

why would I do cross posts?
why would I do crosswords?
Who would drill concrete?
What would Dexter chew?
Where witches dry cats.

As a warm–up for : No oil usage contrarily (10) @PantheraPuzzles

@lindner non–Status reply to test post–javascript parts

1 min read

My withKnown install is behind the trunk (PostgreSQL amongst other things), so the initial “Reply to a site” click is in need of debugging; subsequent script worked placing @lindner into the “Title” box

Found a way to view VRML I produced over twenty years ago… the wonder of WebGL

I do not need a second–hand resin printer. 🤔

December’s dampness doesn’t seem as dull so far…

Post one to pad out November the 30th again 🙃