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Verifying myself: I am cn on MkgcWiULR8FbcnEzH8hZSmvRmcCrtibjsyHV /

Telewording on Twitch at Twelve–hundred


Thirty–four minutes until nerds at noon.

Adverse weather could mean few are averse to an inverse of the perverse, or is it the reverse?, is this verse?, (or worse?) Microblog*ember

I’m sure there’s a knack to using knock in a post for Microblog*ember

25 minutes until 🧠 brain–stretching time

My Microblog*ember posts have originated from several feeds—so may, or may not trigger the pin 📌 with ease 🤪

We’re getting to the point in Autumn/winter where the weather can turn horrible; Microblogcember another portmanteau neologism 🙃