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Microblogvember has yielded a real mix of words, and subsequent content 🙃 mbnov

I wonder what I will foolishly secure in a Black Friday, or Cyber Monday Deal this year 🤡🤔

So much modern technology hums. Whether that is mains hum, or a higher frequency hum in a switched mode power supply... Microblogvember mbnov

In a second I will originate a magnificent post for Microblogvember mbnov

November is a great time for one’s heating to be selective about working…


I wasn’t able to post (via Micropub) from iOS having used Sunlit (repeatability of failure).

Microblogvember mbnov

It appears one can either be logged into or Sunlit, and Known; otherwise 403

Logging into Known with both breaks posting via Micropub

If it’s cold where you are, try to stay warm.

Microblogvember mbnov

All this micropub testing might be a touch excessive? 🙃 Microblogvember mbnov