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Lumberjack and monk hang around centre of excellence (6)

As a change, I’m going to solicit cryptic clues for RAIN STOPPED PLAY, which fits nicely across or down a 15x15 grid; so, any takers?

Symptom of rational upgrades (8,8)

Urgently relocate Prophecy manuals pending disaster (13,10)

Neither her brow nor her hair messed up by runny nose (10)

Californian city graduate, singular dentist removing crown; person in white coat (3,9)

Outcome second bloke contrived (7, 4) Old stolen brick stuffed up opening (7, 7)

Symptom of disruptive Paladin Sports (4–5, 4)

Posh girl’s congested ailment (5)

As a warm–up for : No oil usage contrarily (10) @PantheraPuzzles