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19/01/2018, 11:30

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@manton could make the apps fallback to when they would otherwise land on the proxy message?


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📚 last night; 

Finished Ch 14 of The Linux Command Line by William E. Shotts Jr from No Starch via Humble Bundle, 

Ch 8 of 20k leagues by J. Verne ⚓️ 

More from Automate the Boring Stuff with Python 🐍 

Ch 22,23 of A Murder to Die For by S. Colgan 🔪 

Started Ch IX of Scaramouche 📖

Finished Chapter 12 of News from The Squares by Robert Llewellyn

Chapter 21 of A Murder To Die For by Stevyn Colgan

17/01/2018, 16:10

1 min read

Via @grib, I’ve found @colinwalker’s wordpress-blank-title, the code of which highlights another date format that will ignore `d/m/Y, H:i`; whilst `Y-m-d` works, it isn’t unambiguous if you spout nonsense* multiple times a day. (* post from Known)


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Last night’s 📚 reading;

Love is An Imaginary Number from The Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth, and Other Stories by Roger Zelazny

Chapter XVII of Captain Blood 📖 by Rafael Sabatini

Today thinks it’s


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Last night’s reading 📚; 

The Sensitive Man Ch. V from The Second Science Fiction Megapack, 

📖 Scaramouche Ch. VIII, 

The 7th Order by Jerry Sohl from The Third Science Fiction Megapack

🖖🏽 Apparently some personal confusion between designation and classification; ISS/USS vs NCC

🖖🏽 Did anyone else watch the latest ST:Discovery and wonder why the Shenzhou was NCC and not ISS in the mirror universe?

In Stamet’s “dream” NCC Discovery might be possible.

appropriately 🎶 Blue Monday — Fats Domino